Christmas Gallery Exhibition

Saturday 3rd December 2016 – 2pm until evening.

Join us for some fizz this December for a Christmas exhibition at New Street Gallery – showcasing the work of Grahame Hurd-Wood and his City of Portraits Project, along with a variety of wonderful local artists and creativity from the Hurd-Wood family.

Thank you

We will be giving thanks to Jo Tolhurst- Grahame’s sister, for her massive support in creating the gallery and renovation of the house.


We will be celebrating the work of Grahame Hurd-Wood along with a variety of brilliant local artists:

Monica Groves – Painter

Caro Flynn – Ceramics

Sara Crisp – Painter

Charlotte Rowanne – Contemporary Jewellery

Johnny Woodford – Wood Sculptures

Graham Lovett – Ceramics

Angela Brown – Ceramics

There will also be installations from Grahame’s family:

Patric Hurd-Wood (nephew) –  who has composed music.

Rachael Hurd-Wood (niece) – has written poetry.

Philip Hurd-Wood (brother) – a short film called the ‘Blue Dress’.

Exclusive Limited Prints

Guests during the exhibition will have the opportunity to order limited prints of work by Grahame Hurd-Wood (perfect for Christmas).

We look forward to welcoming you all. Please share and spread the word, it’s sure to be a wonderful event for all.

Glasses of champagne

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